A little Christmas story

We were driving in town along a road which used to have a pedestrian crossing which now has nothing – it’s not a speedy road and there are traffic calming ‘sleeping policemen’ but it’s still not easy to cross. On the corner of a road joining the one we were driving along was a man waiting for the traffic to pass – and it was that intermittent sort of traffic which doesn’t give you quite enough time to safely get from one side to the other.

The man was quite slight and small – he may have been any age from mid twenties to mid forties, maybe in the middle. He had a khaki trapper hat, a khaki coat a little too long for him, indeterminate trousers and elderly trainers. He had a sad rather hangdog almost hopeless expression. Maybe he was actually quite cheerful and just had that type of face – maybe he was fed up with people saying cheer up! Worse things happen at sea! when he was perfectly happy inside.

He was probably fed up, though with waiting to cross. My daughter slowed right down and waved him across, but he hesitated as if not quite sure. She waved again and he set off across the road with a wave and a mouthed thank you. He looked so cheered that we smiled back and gave him a little wave. He stopped completely and mouthed merry Christmas! and gave us a little thumbs up. We were so tickled by this that we both mouthed happy Christmas back to him with another wave.

He reached the other side of the road, and with more grins, waves and smiles we drove on and he wandered to wherever he was going. It was such a little incident and yet it gave us a real glow for the rest of the morning as we went to buy cold remedies for the family. In fact I have a little smile on my face now as I write!


  1. David Lewis

    When I was 15 I spent Christmas Eve playing cards and having fun with my friends downtown. I shouldn’t have gone because I had a terribly sore ingrown toe nail and I had to walk home. It was snowing really hard so I left early. It started to bleed and I could feel blood sloshing in my boot. I stopped at a little church in so much pain and prayed for help. I heard a car horn tooting and there was a big bearded man yelling if I needed a ride home. I got in and on the way home he talked about the true meaning of Christmas and how people had forgotten it. He pulled in the driveway and all the lights were on in the house. My Mother asked me how I got home because she had been looking out the window all night and saw no car lights. I told her about the bearded man in the jeep but when we looked in the driveway all there was were a few boot prints in the snow in the driveway of mine and no tire marks at all even in the road. A true story Lois. It really happened to me..

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