Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

It’s past midnight and we are settling down, sort of, for sleep… will Father Christmas visit us? Have we been good boys and girls? Who knows until the morning when we stretch our feet down to see if our toes encounter anything heavy and lumpy at the foot of our beds… heavy and lumpy signifying a stocking filled by Santa with some goodies!! This has been my Christmas mornings since I can remember, and fortunate now to have children, it’s what they remember too.

We always used to have some bright coins in the toe of our stocking, a tangerine and a couple of nuts as well as a sugar mouse… do they still make sugar mice? I’m not sure they do! Christmas morning was always so exciting, nothing was the same as usual! And even now, even if Christmas Eve is busy doing chores and boring things such as tidying and organising and sorting, and everything feels a little jaded, come the morning with the spirit of giving and kindliness and love then it becomes exciting, almost (but not quite) as exciting as when we were children.

We are so fortunate, so very, very lucky, and I think we do appreciate that. These days when we can see exactly what other lives are like, we know it better than ever.

Christmas Eve (technically since it’s past midnight, it’s Christmas morning) and I wish everyone a very happy and joyous day> I hope everyone is as lucky as we are!


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