A year ago…

A year ago today, we stepped off a small plane at Hobart airport, to be precise Hobart International Airport. I took a deep breath of Tasmanian air and it smelt like… it smelt like… it smelt so familiar it was almost like coming home. I later learned that the airport is at a small place called Cambridge – coincidence as I was born and grew up in a city called Cambridge – the one on Cambridgeshire England.

We were getting off an internal flight so we just collected our luggage and drifted out of the doors, not sure of where to go or what to do next – taxi? Bus? There was an airport coach and a friendly man called Phil took our bags and loaded us on board and we said hello to the driver who I think was called Mary. On the way into Hobart, Phil gave us a commentary on the island, the city and the areas we were passing through. My eyes must have been so wide to capture everything we passed by.

This was just the beginning of a wonderful adventure lasting five weeks. The warm welcome we received was typical of the people we met everywhere. Apart from a ten-day tour of the island in a hire car, we stayed in the city and we had the most wonderful time. We walked and walked and walked, explored everywhere we could and also took time to just sit… by the harbour, in the parks we discovered, along the shore line as we followed an art trail, and of course in coffee bars, tea room,s, cafés, restaurants, bars and pubs… yes pubs. We found a local, the Shamrock where we met friendly people and drank good beer, and the Duke of Wellington where we also met friendly people and enjoyed a pub quiz night!

We saw so much, we learnt so much, we experienced so much… and I just wish I could go back… maybe if I work very hard at my writing I’ll be able to save enough to go… if not, well I will just have to dream!Here is a link to my books, maybe I’ll be able to save enough to return!


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