For me Tuesday now means quiz night – and every other Tuesday it is my French conversation group. However elsewhere in the world the day is particularly significant at different times of the year – for us the only special Tuesday is pancake day!

So… elsewhere…

  • The Melbourne Cup takes place every year on the first Tuesday in November
  • The Reserve Bank of Australia board meets the first Tuesday of every month (except January)
  • Tuesday is election day in the USA
  • In the USA, the federal government reveals the federal budget on the second Tuesday in May, since 1994 (except 1996 and 2016)
  • Black Tuesday was how Tuesday, October 29, 1929 became known; it was one of the significant days of the Stock Market Crash of 1929
  • Patch Tuesday is also called Black Tuesday,  is the second Tuesday of every month when Microsoft releases patches for their products.
  • Super Tuesday is when many American states hold presidential primary elections.
  • In Greece, Tuesday, which was the day  of the Fall of Constantinople, is thought to be unlucky
  • In Greece and Spain,  Tuesday the 13th, rather than Friday is unlucky
  • Jewish people think of Tuesday as lucky
  • In Thailand  the name for Tuesday is associated with the planet Mars; however this also means Ashes of the Dead. Pink is Tuesday’s colour
  • Tuesday in the Orthodox church is dedicated to St John the Baptist
  • …and of course Tuesday’s child is fair of face!

The name Tuesday comes from the Old English Tiwesdæg which means Tiw’s Day which is the Old English name for Tîwaz, which came from the Norse Týr. Týr was a heroic Norse god who for some reason which I don’t know is always shown as having one hand. Our Viking history shows up in the few place names associated with Tyr – Tuesley in Surrey, Tuesnoad in Kent and Tysoe in Warwickshire.

For us however, Tuesday is Dolphin night and quiz night! (we won by the way!)

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