Late night viewing

I don’t watch much TV – too busy,and also to be honest there is not much which appeals. There are various crime shows, police procedurals which I enjoy – but mostly I watch them on catch-up. There are also mainly Scandi crime dramas which I confess, I am pretty addicted to. I guess it’s not just the genre but the quality of what I’;m watching which engages me – the standard of acting, direction, story-line, music,photography… so the latest I am watching is called ‘Norskov’.

‘Norskov’ is a Danish TV series which is totally gripping – I’m rationing myself to one episode a night even though I am desperate to find out who dun what to whom!! The initial premise seems deceptively easy – a policeman is brought in from outside to help tackle a major drug-taking problem among the young people of a town called Norskov in northern Denmark. Obviously there is much more to it than that!

It happens that the main character was actually brought up in the town he is supposed to be working in – his childhood sweetheart has died, probably murdered by a drug overdose… how many of his friend including the popular mayor and a prominent business man are implicated?

I am gripped!! Compared to a lot of these type of dramas there has been very little bloodshed; only one dead person, although there have been a few beatings, drug taking, and dodgy doings – but it is the relationship between the major players which is so fascinating and so intriguing…. I just cannot guess the outcome… I have no idea of what is going to happen!

Here is a link:

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