A perfect conclusion…

I’ve shared a couple of posts about a Danish TV series I’ve been watching ‘Norskov’, about a police initiative to tackle a growing drug problem in a small northern port in Jutland. It was filmed in the port of Frederikshavn… which is an interesting small town in itself; it was originally called Fladstrand which means ‘Flat Beach’ so you get an idea of the surrounding area. Frederikshavn has ferry connections with Sweden, and this features in the storyline, as does ice hockey. Ice hockey is a popular sport in the area, and it’s an element of the plot which weaves through right to one of the climatic scenes in the last episode.

I couldn’t fault anything in the drama… it has a slow-burn story line, and now it’s finished I’m thinking back to the beginning and the first part and all the little clues which were seeded in apparently innocuous encounters of the main characters. The acting is superb, understated, powerful, subtle and even minor characters are believable, even the tiniest of rôles. The strength of it was that each character was realistic, shades of good, shades of a darker side – the loving and attentive father who is actually a crook, who has actually been blackmailed into doing what he’s doing – but has enjoyed, almost relished profiting by it, who is a good friend – but a very bad friend, who has risen out of difficulties, but has plunged himself back into worse difficulties. Then there’s the popular, successful couple – glamorous, rich, who have everything, except what they most desire which is out of reach – until a seeming miracle happens, but then the miracle is smashed, but then something seems to be emerging from the tragedy as the closing credits roll…

So last night was the final part and although the crooks were foiled and the mysteries solved, there was in a way, no happy endings. Most of the ‘baddies’ were caught, most people got their just deserts, but for some their tragedy continued. Does he live or does he die? Can she forgive herself even if she is forgiven, and is she secretly not as sorry and filled with regret as she should be? Does he escape or is he captured? Can their marriage be repaired? Can the mother be forgiven? Can a broken heart be mended? The series ended with a proper conclusion, a satisfactory conclusion, but as in life, we were left not knowing what may happen next to these strong and believable characters.

Here is a very good review:


…and I hope you can find the series here:


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