Bold, brave, beautiful – and on a bike

I am so fortunate to have an amazing family of cousins and they are all brilliant… This is a little story about my cousin Zoë . Her father was my handsome, dashing and charismatic uncle, Alan; when I was a child whenever he came to visit, usually arriving in a sports car, he would bound in, ‘hello you girls!‘ and he would always be full of funny stories. Alan was a great adventurer, and when I was older he told me about his travels in Turkey and Spain.

His daughter Zoë has inherited his sense of adventure and has travelled far and wide on a motorbike. Writing must also be in the genes, because like me she’s written books – hers are of the different places she visited in the USA. Zoe is bold, brave and  beautiful; her first trip was in 2012, starting in Boston and covering more than 8,000 km on a classic Triumph Bonneville.  That wasn’t enough for adventurous Zoë ; her next trip was round the  Baja California and the Atlantic coast, down through Florida, Alabama and Georgia. For the last (but not latest) journey Zoë abandoned her bikes and took an old truck through Baja California.

Now she has embarked on a new journey – round New Zealand! She is there right now and looks as if she is having a most fabulous time. On her own, just her and the bike, she’s travelling all around this amazing country; no doubt she will share her adventures in another book.

You can find more here:

If you are on Instagram, you can find Zoë :

… and to find her books here is a link:

MY featured image isn’t one of Zoë’s bikes… just one I saw while I was in the States!


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