My useful madani

Having just used my madani again I thought I would share a couple of posts I wrote about it:

2014 –

One of our students from our English conversation class, brought all us teachers a present from a trip home to Pakistan. I don’t know what this kitchen tool is called, and I have never seen on anywhere else but it is so useful!
For a while I didn’t use, it just sat in the wooden tub where all the spoons, whisks and stirrers are, but one day I was having problem with lumps… I can’t remember now whether they were lumps in custard or white sauce or cheese sauce, but I had lumps. I picked up this thingmy and put it into the sauce then rubbed the spindle between my hands as if I was trying to light a fire with a piece of wood. I rolled it vigorously then gave the sauce a stir… lump free! It was amazing, so easy, so quick, so effective.
I use it frequently now, especially with soups, or when I’m trying to thicken something and I want it to be smooth and lovely. I could imagine if you were making hot chocolate in the old-fashioned way, or a milk shake or smoothy type of drink, then this would be really handy. If ever you see one, definitely buy it… you’ll be amazed at how good it is, and it doesn’t use any power except muscle-power!

2017 –

Several years ago, a very kind Pakistani friend brought a gift back from her trip to see her family in Pakistan. She was one of the people in our social English group and she brought gifts for all of us leaders/teachers.
Our presents were something we had never seen before, but we thanked her warmly. It was a kitchen implement, rather attractive looking, with a long slender wooden handle and the head was wooden, about the size of a large orange cut in half, with segments removed. We were all a little puzzled, delighted, but puzzled… however when I got mine home I soon found out how to use it!
It is endlessly useful to

  • to make sure sauces don’t go lumpy or too thick/thin
  • to blend/whisk and stir/agitate soups/gravy while  cooking
  • to mash potatoes
  • to press things through a sieve, or to squeeze the juice/liquor for something e.g. vegetables for soup, fruit for desserts
  • to stir and break up stuff
  • to crush nuts, dry bread for breadcrumbs, get lumps out of sugar/flour/other dried goods
  • loads more things which I can’t just call to mind!

I have only just found out what it’s called, it’s a madani! Sometimes it is spelled mathani but it’s the same thing!

Isn’t this an attractive tool – and so useful! if you live near any Asian shops you might be able to get one! So easy to use, no electricity! I think it is only Available on Amazon India, but if you can access that, here is a link:

While you are on Amazon, you might want to have a look what else is available – and newly available is my novel Radwinter now in paperback!


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