Aha! I forgot that one!

It was quiz night tonight and as usual I headed to the Dolphin with daughter, to meet son and friend, and other friends. Quiz night has been a bit sparse recently – we think it might have been dry January which kept people out of the pub… but who knows.

Anyway, we arrived at the same time as our fellow quiz team members, the Ice-creams – so-called because they have a very successful ice-cream parlour. We caught up with each other’s news and then, furnished with drinks, we settled down or the quiz. There are two rounds of twenty-five questions, questions given in order, answers given randomly and as the answer sheet is set out as  Bingo card you get prizes for lines (across, down, diagonally) as well as whoever gets the most correct answers.

There was a question which completely foxed us about David Bowie and Swedish Eurovision contest winners… Well, we were stumped – it could be anything! Someone said ‘Heroes’, a Bowie hit, but others said A-Ha… and in the end, as so often happens, indecision won, and we put down A-Ha… and of course when the answers came A-Ha were Norwegian, and A-Ha didn’t feature in the Eurovision Song Contest…

… but the answer we rejected, ‘Heroes’ was in fact correct! if only we had gone with it!! If only!! We had a great time. as usual, terrific fun and won not a bean, not even the beer round! But who cares! Great friends! Great pub! Great beer! Who cares!

In fact the Eurovision song was Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw

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