My ponders…

Yesterday I posed some questions I had pondered on before… here are five of my responses to my own questions:

  • TIF vs MIF? – When drinking tea should it be tea in first or milk in first… ( and/or, should it be CIF vs MIF– coffee in first or milk in first?

I actually think whether you put tea or milk in a cup first is personal choice and taste… in actual fact some people say ether is no difference in taste but I think there is. I was brought up as a MIF, but now (possibly as a legacy of teabags during student days) I am now a definite TIF. I do think it tastes different, I also think for some reason (there’s probably no science behind this) the tea is hotter with TIF and I do like hot tea. Also, from a practical point of view, if milk is added afterwards you can judge exactly how much you are having with regard to the strength of the tea… (and when making instant coffee, I put the milk in halfway through)

  • Should there be an English national costume?

I can’t imagine what our national costume might be? Milkmaids and farmers smocks in a nod to our agricultural past? Boiler suits or miners lamps because of our industrial heritage? Woollies/Pullies/ganzies/jumpers/sweaters? Clogs? Aprons and brown warehouse man/storeman/shop keeper’s coats because we once described as a nation of shopkeepers? Mob caps? Bowler hats? … no I think it’s impossible… and I’m not sure ‘should’ should be in the question!

  • Should bicycles and bike riders have right of way over pedestrians and other traffic?

Growing up I cycled everywhere – to school, to swimming, to friends’… We obeyed the rules of the road, stopping at red lights even if there was no other traffic, not riding on the pavements, always having proper working lights at night – and would push our bikes home if we didn’t. Times change but now so many cyclists seem to think they have priority even in the most dangerous (to them) situations; they are often in dark clothing with small or no lights, they ride quickly along pavements even when there are old people and children about, they go through red lights, they go over zebra crossings without stopping,so many of them are just a danger to others and themselves. We live in a country area with narrow winding roads and too often cyclists whizz round a corner in the middle of the road and cars (even going slowly) have to screech to a halt, and horses and their riders are given no consideration… so no, I don’t think cyclists should have priority.

  • Just as the French have L’Académie Francaise, should there be an English Academy to properly govern and regulate our language?

No… just that… no.

  • Cream tea – is the Cornish way correct (jam on first, then cream) or the Devon way (cream on first, then jam)… and is there a Somerset way? … or a Dorset way?
The cream tea, clotted cream, jam and scones

Jam on first please. The argument that cream acts as butter and should go on first is silly – cream isn’t butter, it’s green, and in a luxurious cream tea I want a great big dollop on top of the jam…. and I don’t know if there is a Somerset or Dorset style of cream tea…

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