Another nice pub

It’s become a bit of a thing with us on a Sunday night to go to a pub other than the Dolphin – not because we don’t love our local and think it’s the best pub in the world, but just as a little family outing to see somewhere different. So this evening we went to Congresbury – a village between us and Bristol named after St Congar/Cumgar/Cungar/Cyngar/Concarius was in these parts in the sixth century. Apparently born in  about 470 and living until he was fifty, he actually wasn’t English at all (not that there was such a place as England then) but was a Welsh abbot and maybe a bishop in around here. He had a monastery on Cadbury Hill and he is another saint with a legendary ability to regenerate wooden staves, sticking his yew staff into the ground and it sprang back into life as a tree… which is somewhere in Congresbury even to this day. He went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and died while in transit, probably in about 520.

This is nothing to do with the pub which is called The Plough. We arrived latish for a Sunday night and when we went in a quiz was in full progress. The pub had a really pleasant welcoming atmosphere, even though everyone was engrossed in the quiz as we quietly found a table. People looked up and smiled at us and nodded a greeting, even while concentrating. It was cosy and comfortable coming in out of the frosty night; it was clean and warm and had interesting agricultural tools attached to the ceiling, which rather alarmed our daughter! I had a glass of very nice Shiraz, husband had a beer, son had a very nice Cornish lager, Korev from St Austell Brewery – I’m not a lager drinker but I would give this a go another time! Second time round husband had Hedge Monkey from Glastonbury, son had another very decent beer (he now can’t remember what it was!)

It was one of those pubs which was just so pleasant and friendly (everyone said goodnight to us as they left), comfortable and relaxed, we know we will go back… in fact we might even go back next Sunday for the quiz!!

Here is a link so you can see exactly how nice it is:

My featured image is of the River Yeo by Congresbury


  1. David Lewis

    It looks like a traditional English country pub.There’s even a plow above the front door. I think I would like to live in Yeo court just behind the pub as I could walk to the pub for a pint and crawl home in time for supper. We could meet at the Plough every Sunday for quiz night!

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