After a very pleasant and fun evening at the pub for the quiz, where our team but not our enjoyment was a little abated, home to look at a few more home recipes… from over a hundred years ago,in fact almost a hundred and forty years ago:


TO DRY TOMATOES FOR WINTER. – Small sized but perfectly ripe tomatoes washed, scalded, and peeled, and some of the juice squeezed and drained from them; Slice and dry the in an oven just as you would pumpkins, &c, For use soak awhile, then stew and cook as you would fresh tomatoes.

APPLE DUMPLINGS – Pare and scoop out the cores of, six large baking apples ; put part of a clove and a little grated lemon pee inside of each, and enclose them in pieces of puff paste ; boil them in nets for the purpose, or bits of linen, for an hour. Before serving, cut off a small bit from the top of each and put in a teaspoonful of sugar, and a bit of fresh butter. Replace the bit of paste, and ,stew over the pounded loaf sugar.


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