Pub topics tonight

We’ve been in the grip of ‘the beast from the east’ and ‘storm Emma’, so unusually, as I have mentioned, it has been very snowy. However, having felt a bit trapped by the elements we decided to venture forth and went along to the Dolphin. There was a bit of a sharp wind but the snow was deep and crisp and even and we got to the pub without mishap.

There was a jolly party of folk in our usual seats, and we had to settle by the door but luckily the people who were in what we call the cross benches, the bar between the other two bars, decided to move and we migrated. However, before we could take our new seats, while still sitting by the door, someone tried to sit on my son, thinking he was a chair (???) – he’s well over six foot, strapping and with a mass of wild hair and beard, and the someone’s girlfriend decided she wanted to ‘dive into’ said hair because it was just so lush – lush in the Somerset sense of being fabulous, rather than lush meaning luxurious.

Apart from some drunken young people at the bar who were throwing nuts at other customers, we didn’t actually speak to anyone, none of our chums were in. However, this mattered not a jot, We had a great time together, and as usual chatted about a wide range of subjects…

  • history teaching in schools today
  • schools we went to
  • a clever bloke my husband was at school with
  • Churchill
  • mole sauce – the delicious Mexican sauce not a sauce made from moles
  • buying a house and how difficult it is now compared to years gone by
  • our own experiences buying houses (interest rate of 17% when I bought my first one, aged 31!)
  • milk and milk deliveries by milkmen and milk bottles
  • Swedish police dramas, particularly ‘Rebecka Martinsson’
  • hives
  • Sweden and its part in WW1
  • the national curriculum in schools
  • a magazine called Monocle
  • whether the bloke behind the bar was someone called Dagie, whether he was actually Dagie’s brother, what his name was if he wasn’t Dagie…
  • coeliac disease

On the way home we continued our chat, taking care that we didn’t slip over on the compressed snow… typical night at the pub really!


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