Town soup (ii)

I found a recipe for what I thought was Towns Soup yesterday… which sounded interesting, until I discovered it was tongue soup which involved boiling the body part for six hours then grating the remains (yes, I’m still mystified)

So if it was actually Town Soup, what could it be? I imagined either something made from leftovers and going cheap items at a town market, or a nourishing bowl of something for workers in their lunch hours.  I made a soup from left over vegetables, a few butter beans and a few chick peas… could that be Town Soup? I also made a very nice dhal type soup – could that be nourishing the workers Town Soup?

Or how about a soup named after a town – Boston baked beans, Manchester tart, Bakewell tart are all foods named after places, but I can’t think of any soups named after towns, nor can I find any in my recipe books… but I will keep looking.

I live in the village of Uphill (not because it’s up a hill, it was named for a local chief Uppa or Oppa who had his pill – wharf – here.) So supposing we had Uphill soup… ducks on the rhyne (drainage channel) sheep on the hillside, and cattle, I wouldn’t fancy the fish from the rather muddy sea round here, but there are plenty of wild fruits which grow in their season – blackberries, hips and haws, rowan berries… I must think about Uphill Soup before progressing onto Weston-super-Mare Soup!


    1. Lois

      Oh thank you! I’d forgotten Brown Windsor Soup – it used to be a favourite in Agatha Christie books I seem to remember… not sure I have ever tasted any… perhaps I should try making some!


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