Bread and butter pudding

Unfortunately my family don’t like read and butter pudding. I just can’t understand it, how can they not like the contrast in textures, the soft unctuous underneath, the crisp top, the plump sultans, raisins or currants, the slight sweetness… and then the variations you can have, different breads such as brioche or currant loaf, a creamier or less creamy ‘custard’, spread with different jams or if you are so inclined chocolate or nut spread? It’s a thing from my childhood, it’s quick, it’s easy., it’s cheap…

I came across a hundred and forty year old article with a variety of bread and butter puddings… If only my family liked it, I could try them!

  • cut stale bread into slices, butter them, and lay them in a pie-dish.; sprinkle them with a little brown sugar and a few currants. Repeat this until the dish is quite full; then pour on the bread boiled milk mixed with one beat-up egg, until the bread is soaked ; bake it light brown. “Tudor” may make a still plainer bread pudding of odds and ends,
  • when too stale to use otherwise, by soaking them in skim milk, then beat the bread to a pap, adding a few currants and a little brown sugar, and boiling in a cloth

“Or another very palatable and economical pudding may be made as follows”:

  • boil the pieces of bread, crust and crumb together, until so soft that it can be beaten up with a fork
  • add a little chopped suet, some skim milk, and a few teaspoonfuls of treacle
  • put it into a pie-dish and bake it brown
  • leave the top of it quite rough, or scratch it rough with a fork.

These are Australian recipes and I don’t know what “Tudor” is – some type of plain bread I guess, and it’s interesting that they use the term ‘skim milk’; I know that is what we cal skimmed milk, and the term that is used in the USA. Is that how it was originally called and have we changed it? Possibly!

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