The good turn and the absolute idiot

I was driving down a really narrow road, so narrow there was only room for one car to pass the line of other cars parked down one side. I was driving between the line of parked cars and a stone wall, with barely a gap on either side.

I was going slowly, of course, and saw ahead of me that one of the cars had its bonnet up, and as I came up to it a worried and anxious looking man flagged me down. He asked if I would help him jump-start his car as he had foolishly left the lights on and emptied the battery; He had a set of jump leads in his hand, and of course I agreed and opened the bonnet for him to attach them to my battery.

I put on my hazard lights to warn anyone thinking of turning into the road (there were routes round my blocking the way – which would only add a couple of minutes to wherever they were going)

The jump leads were attached, the anxious man got into his car… and then coming towards me was another car, who surely could see the hazard lights and the fact that my bonnet was up! What an idiot (although I said a much naughtier word than that!) He came all the way along until he was only a few feet from me, where he by now could see the jump leads, and both bonnets up. His number plate contained the letters ROO – and I will know the car if I see it again!

The anxious man’s car started and he hopped out with many grateful thanks, rolled up his leads, slammed the bonnets and got back into his vehicle.. so I then had to reverse about a hundred yards between the parked cars and the wall, in the dark, so the other idiot could get out. The anxious man couldn’t have driven away because of ROO and so I had to reverse. When I got to the end of the line of parked cars, Roo drove past me, without so much as a wave of thanks or any acknowledgement. What an ignorant ****!

I continued on my way, the anxious man had now departed, and I went to park and meet my friends… Watch out ROO, if I see you I may have words!


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