The Turkish Table

I’m not sure exactly when I started reading and following a delightful blog written by a wonderful cook and great writer (I know she’s a wonderful cook because all her recipes which I have tried have worded perfectly and been a great success for family and guests) Ozlem Warren. Her blog is called Ozlem’s Turkish Table and I guess I first started reading it because I love Turkish food. That love first started in Manchester many years ago when our favourite restaurant was Turkish cuisine.

Ozlem started her blog in 2010 and it was probably not long after that I started enjoying not only what she wrote, but what I cooked! When I started my own blog it was mainly for the purpose of promoting my own books – but I also wanted to write about other things too, and other things include food, recipes, cookery books and memories of family meals. I first wrote a post about Ozlem’s recipes after I had cooked a leek dish for Christmas dinner:

I’m always on the look-out for new recipes… and I’ve found an abundance on this wonderful site called Ozlem’s Turkish Table. One which caught my eye and seemed perfect for Christmas was for a dish of leeks, carrots and onions, cooked in olive oil and lemon juice… doesn’t that sound divine? Garnished with dill? What is even better, all these are traditional British vegetables in season, what better for Christmas Day?!
For the recipe have a look here,and you will discover it has the lovely name of zetinyagli pirasa. It looks so colourful, just right for a celebration

Since then I have often written about my attempts at making delicious things, and here are just a few of the many I’ve tried:

  • karides guvec, which is a one-pot meal of prawns and sweet vegetables
  • delicious gavurdagi salad – a lovely, fresh  salad including tomatoes, herbs, pomegranate syrup and walnuts…
  • courgette fritters…

  • a real favourite of mine, spinach and cheese pie… Ispanakli, Peynirli borek

  • Revani is a soft, moist, semolina sponge, soaked in a light syrup

Now I am so super excited because Ozlem has published her first cookery book! It’s full of amazing recipes, obviously, and wonderful pictures, but what I am enjoying most is that the recipes are put in a context. Ozlem’s introductory chapters are about herself and her history, and her family and the region in Turkey where she comes from, and a description of the different produce and products. Ozlem shares her journey from Antakaya in southern Turkey – a journey not just in miles but the development of her style of cooking and the dishes she produces. Every recipe has a little introduction and there are hints about ways the recipes can be adapted if certain ingredients aren’t available. It’s a great book to read, without even going into the kitchen, it’s written in such a lively, enthusiastic and engaging way!

I’m sure you deserve a treat – and this can be it!

… and here is a link to Ozlem’s blog:

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