A rather silly experience

I went into town with my daughter yesterday. We left the car in a carpark where as you drive in you collect a yellow plastic disc, and on exit you put it into the payment machine and it tells you how much you need to pay; you pay, collect the ‘coin’ and go back to your car, leave and exit by putting the yellow coin back into a machine which raises a barrier… Simple!

My daughter drove  but she was staying in town so after us doing a coupe of things together, I took the keys and the yellow disc and headed towards the parking payment machine. I inserted the disc, fed in my money, and collected my change… and suddenly realised my daughter had the car keys and I only had ten minutes to exit the carpark!

Thank goodness for mobile phones; she was back with me within minutes, gave me the keys, all was well and I headed upstairs  back to the car, with the Keys and the disc in my hand… As I got to the top of the stairs I realised that I was holding not a plastic disc but a £2 coin!. I must have put the disc into my pocket instead of my change… except I hadn’t.. I searched all my pockets, fleece, trousers, bag… no coin… and then I realised that I was distracted by not having the keys and must have taken my change from the machine, but not the plastic disc!

I rushed back downstairs but the little scoop thing in the machine was empty, my coin was gone! An elderly gentleman commiserated but couldn’t help. I would have to pay £10 to exit without a disc… but I had left my bank card at home and had no money in my purse! Quickly, I rang daughter again who fortunately wasn’t too far away, and she had the bright idea of pressing the ‘help‘ button on the parking payment machine. Doubly fortunately my plastic disc had been handed to the parking attendants by some nice person and it was returned to me and all was well!

How very foolish I am!

Last night, at about 12:30, I put Norris the hamster away and forgot to put the lid on his cage…


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