These are the answers, now what were the questions?

For some reason I put the answer paper from the pub quiz in my pocket… my answer paper that is, and I came across it this morning. The pub quiz is every Tuesday evening and it’s a general knowledge quiz with a difference. The answers are written on a 5×5 grid with the question numbers on the sheet in a random order. When the answers are read out, if you have a line of correct answers, across, down, diagonally or four corners, you shout Dolphin! The first one to do so wins the line and a prize. The answers continue to be read out and the person with the highest score also gets a prize!

The questions can be on a variety of subject, news, films, literature, history – almost anything and there are also block busters (the initial letters of the words of a well-known phrase and you have to guess the phrase) and anagrams. This week I didn’t do very well, 20 and 21 respectively in the two rounds… but we go for the fun of it, not just to win!

Here are the answers… and some of the questions! (they are in the order of the squares on my sheet)

1.Maine. Question: which US state is furthest East?
22. Passports. Question the firm de la Rue lost the order to make what last week?
10. River Severn. Question which river passes through the counties of Shropshire and Gloucestershire?
12. The Great Train Robbery. Question – what was the  diesel-electric locomotive D326 famous for in 1963?
7. Claud Greengrass. Question – Bill Maynard died last week, what role was he most famous for in ‘Heartbeat’?
24. Pedro. Question – what is the Spanish version of the name Peter?
4. . Started his own YouTube channel. Question – what did dad Joe Smith do because he was fed up with his children always being on their phones?
14. Alistair. Question – which of the Brownlee brothers carried the flag in the Commonwealth Games?
20 The Charge of the Light Brigade. Question – Blockbusters: which TCOTLB happened in 1854?
21. Delilah. Question – which woman in the Bible had a name meaning weak or feeble?
11. Aberdeen. Question – which British city comes first alphabetically?
16. Happy Valley. Question – which TV series starring Sarah Lancashire was set in the Calder Valley, West Yorkshire?
3. Winnie Mandela. Question – who is missing from this group: Graça Machel, Evelyn Mase and…?
25. I am the Walrus. Question – Which song do these lines come from “Sitting on a corn flake waiting for the van to come”?
8. Dick Dastardly. Question – which cartoon character was based on the actor Terry-Thomas?
13. 1988. Question – in which year the first transatlantic fibre optic cable laid, Stephen Hawking publishes ‘A Brief History Of Time’, the first major computer virus infects computers connected to the Internet and the US Stealth Bomber is unveiled?
9. Tour de France. Question – Anagram – Crate Founder
2. Tiger. What  is Tony from the Frosties TV advert?
18. When Sally Met Harry. Question – which 1989 American romantic comedy film written by Nora Ephron, starred Meg Ryan?
19. Jenson Button. Question – who won his first Grand Prix after 113 races?
15. Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children. Question – what is GOSH?
23. It. Question: in which film would you see Pennywise the Clown?
17. Happy Birthday to you. Question – which is the most frequently played piece of music in the world?
5. D. Question – What letter was added to the road sign in the credits in the last ever episode of ‘Brookside’?


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