Cough lozenges and Persian insect destroying powder

It’s seemed as if we have had no spring… We had a wintry sort of winter, coldish, and plenty of icy winds, then we have had random snow and rain, so much rain. There were farmers on our local TV who have had to keep their cattle in barns because it has just been too wet to let them into the fields. It’s cost tens of thousands of pounds in feed for the poor cows and calves, and the farmers haven’t been able to plant any crops to grow more feed – or anything else.

So, we have had the usual round of coughs and sore throats and aches and pains and we go to the chemist and get some preparation which we know will be safe to take and we hope will do some good, but we are sure will do no harm. This wasn’t necessarily so in the past, and I came across an advertisement from a company called Keating’s. The original Keating was, I think, a Thomas Keating who seems to have written a book about his insect destroying powder – it sounds much more deadly than ‘ant-killer’ doesn’t it!

Keating’s cough lozenges. Upwards of fifty years’ experience has fully confirmed the superior reputation of these lozenges, in the cure of asthma, winter cough, hoarseness, shortness of breath, and other pulmonary maladies. Sold in boxes, tins, and bottles of various sizes.
Keating’s children’s worm tablet. A purely vegetable sweetmeat, both in appearance and taste, furnishing a most agreeable method of administering a well-known remedy for intestinal or thread worms. It is a perfectly safe and mild preparation, and is especially adapted for children. Sold in tins and bottles of various sizes.
Keating’s Persian insect destroying powder. This powder is quite harmless to animals, but unrivalled in destroying fleas, bugs, emmets, flies, cockroaches, beetles, gnats, mosquitoes, moths in furs, and every other species of insect in all stages of metamorphosis. Sold in packets, tins, and bottles of various sizes.
Caution. — The public are particularly requested to observe that all the above preparations bear the trade mark as herein shown. Sold by all chemists and druggists wholesale agents for Melbourne Benson Bros,, Hood & Co. And F. & J. Hermons, & Levy Bros.

I am sure Mr Keating’s preparation were sound – but as today there are fakes and frauds everywhere, and how could you tell if what you bought would heal not harm! This would be the case if you were giving worming tablets to your pets, let alone your children! You would hope that the Persian insect destroying powder would only destroy what it was intended!

Emmets by the way, are ants; I think it was originally a Cornish word, but it may have been a country word as well. These days, it is applied to tourists, who swarm everywhere!

My dad always said, ‘if you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive…’ Well I wouldn’t harm a spider, but I might show the monster in my featured image a box of Persian Insect Destroying Powder!


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