Is it getting silly?

Some time ago we were in the pub for quiz night; the landlord and quiz master being away another person took over, a very nice, friendly comical chap who conducted the whole proceedings very well and very competently.

For some reason we began to wonder what his name was; there were several of us in the team and we all pondered… Phil, David, Tom, Aaron… we thought it would be a fairly normal not weird name, but a name which had positive associations for all of us. The following week the landlord was still away (Australia, watching a test match) and we continued our puzzling over this pleasant fellow’s name and decided he was Mike. As he collected in the copies of the second round we actually asked him his name… he, obviously, was mighty puzzled, but told us his name was actually Scott.

Well, we were amazed! Afterwards we apologised, hoping we hadn’t seemed rude, but no, he was fine with our harmless ponderings! After that,  we called him to ourselves, Mike Scott and he became an investigative journalist in the style of Tintin or Tim Messenger in ‘Hot Fuzz’.

This evening, the quiz had returned to normal and the landlord was back and reading out the questions, and as he was on his own we asked “Mike Scott” to join us, which he did. We had a very pleasant evening – most of us didn’t win (we were in two teams) but one of us won a round, and then I won the beer round by guessing the length of an audio tape.

It occurred to me that I had an amazing character in our fantasy reporter, Mike Scott, and my self-commission is to write a story about him.

“Am I going to die on page 4?” Mike Scott, aka Scott asked me when I told him.

No!! Obviously not… but maybe he seems to and still alive, he goes undercover to solve the mystery!! Watch this space!!

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