Gravy Curry

From 1869 –

An Indian Recipe

  1. cut a pound and a half of veal cutlets in pieces, a quarter of an inch thick and two inches square
  2. mix two table-spoonsfuls of biscuit powder, with a salt-spoonful of mixed sweet herbs in powder, and the same of pepper and salt
  3. dissolve a quarter of a pound of butter
  4. dip each piece of the veal into the butter, then into the powder…
  5. …and fry in the remainder of the butter till slightly burned on both sides
  6. slice two onions and a quarter of a clove of garlic
  7. knead three ounces of butter and two dessertspoonsful of curry powder and one leaf of mint, chopped fine
  8. fry the onions in the butter till tender
  9. then put in the veal and three-quarters of a pint of stock, or gravy
  10. simmer very gently for three-quarters of an hour
  11. add the strained juice of a lemon…
  12. …and serve with or without rice


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