Exciting news and another thing to think about!

The exciting news is that I have finished, yes finished the first draft of my next novel! Hurrah! Yes, it is delayed and I had hoped it would be available by now but never mind. The first draft is finished and now I can get on with editing it and bashing it into shape. The editing and bashing isn’t #the little problem’; the ‘little problem’ is that I realised that the working title I’ve given it, isn’t the right title. So… what shall I call this new story? Hmmm, thinking caps on.

This is the latest in my Radwinter series and as usual there are several different story lines, some domestic following Thomas Radwinter’s family life, some are professional, things he has been commissioned to do, and others are odd puzzles he’s picked up along the way.

His home life is complicated as h and his wife have five children, the oldest being only eight, and including a pair of twins. Their house is really too small, especially as they have a young sister-in-law living with them to help look after the little ones.. One o the children is in the school play but only in the crowd scenes – he does however have unrealistic hopes that he will be called into play a major role.

A friend of a friend is being stalked… seemingly harmless messages, gifts and communications, but it’s annoying and unnerving and Thomas promises to see if he can find who the irritating stalker is.

Two years previously, a young woman was found on the beach with no memory of who she is and how she got there. Despite nation-wide publicity, her identity remains a mystery. A serving police officer allows Thomas access to the police files hoping his quirky mind will find some clue to the mystery of the found woman.

As usual Thomas has a genealogical mystery to solve – this time the story of his wife’s English family – who turn out to be French! he follows their trail from an asylum in Norfolk, across the country to a tragic accident just off the coast of Farholm Island.

The title I have been working with is ‘Saltpans’; it’s a good title, but I think it’s better for another book, not this one as it gives away something about the plot which I don’t want revealed until near the end of the book… So what to call it… I’m going to be scratching my head over this!


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