Dear cyclist going past the golf course at dusk

Dear cyclist,

Yes you! You who were wearing a luminous jacket, visible for several miles! You who had a luminous helmet with a light on the front – not to dazzle but just to alert on coming traffic! Yes, I mean you – you had a good-sized light on the front of your bike (ditto details of headlamp) from behind you had a large clear red light which did not falter when you stopped pedalling; you had a reflector (a clean one) on the back mudguard, and reflective strips on the back of your pedals. Oh, and yes, you had luminous strips down the back of your trouser leg.

I have to tell you, you glowed like a beacon in every direction – yes you had reflectors on the shoulders of your jacket and the outside of your cuff so as I went past you you were still more than visible laterally.

You were riding at a steady speed, head up to see where you were going and to spot any hazards. You had no headphones or earphones, there was nothing other than the grips of the handlebars in your hands – no phone, no plastic bag or awkward package, and you were in full control of your bike.

You sir (you were a sir not a madam or miss) you sir! I salute you and thank you for keeping yourself and others safe. You are an example to other cyclists – especially those seemingly on a suicide mission, dressed in black, headphones on or in and scarf round face, no lights, no luminous paint, no reflectors.

You are keeping yourself safe and others!

Thank you!

Yours sincerely,

a grateful motorist.

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