Strike, struck, thunderstruck, moonstruck, lovestruck

For some reason I was thinking about the word ‘strike’. it can mean to hit something, or to not do something as going on strike,or set something going like strike a match, or settle something as in striking a bargain or a deal. If you strike your sails you lower them. If you strike out for somewhere you set off with energy and maybe enthusiasm or maybe desperation. To go on strike means to stop working. If you make certain things such as medals you strike them. If something strikes you it could be something hitting you or it could be an idea or a thought or inspiration! I get a lot of that! If you strike it rich by striking gold or striking oil then you are indeed fortunate. It can also mean to create an impression to believe or understand something, to occur, to notice, to sharply twitch your fishing rod once a fish has nibbled and in order to catch it.

I’m sure there are many more meanings and senses. As far as I can find out, the word comes from two sources which would explain the different meanings and senses – it could mean to rub or to stroke or to press. It gradually came to collide with something and then to be hit by something. From there it came to be used in such a wide variety of ways, domestic, industrial, manufacturing, sport, nautical, military – just about every area of human activity.

The past tense is struck… and from that we get moonstruck and thunderstruck, and

  • awestruck,
  • dumbstruck,,
  • stagestruck,
  • starstruck,
  • sunstruck,
  • wonderstruck,

of course, lovestruck…



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