Play list

We were talking about music in the car and how difficult it is to find something everyone likes – or if not likes than at least can tolerate and not be driven mad by it. My husband and I have very different tastes in music… I can tolerate his… or maybe I’m just more tolerant, but he really doesn’t like much of what I play.

We still have CDs and my daughter asked what would be my top 5 car CDs… what a tricky question. My first two choices were easy – Leonard Cohen and David Bowie… but which albums? Dark Star by Bowie and Songs From a Room by Leonard. My third choice was obvious – the Mavericks, but good heavens, how to choose? Old Mavs or new Mavs? Impossible,but just for the moment I’ll choose their 213 album’In Time’.

Beatles… there has to be a Beatles… and I think for a variety of reasons,some nostalgic, I’ll choose ‘Sargent Pepper’ to have in the glove box. So album 5? Michael Nyman? Kevin Montgomery? Jonas Carping? another Mavericks or Beatles? Swag? This needs some thinking about!

  • Songs From a Room by Leonard Cohen
  • Sargent Pepper by the Beatles
  • In Time by the Mavericks
  • Dark Star by David Bowie


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