Savory savoury

Although I do have a passion for some very sweet things – Turkish pasties, Turkish delight, marzipan, in fact I’m not really a ‘sweet’ person, I’m much more a savoury type. I can almost say I never have a dessert if we go out for a meal to a restaurant, and even with friends I will often give it a miss – especially if there is cheese on offer!

I think I’d appreciate a menu which finishes with a savoury, I think that would be perfect before a glass – or two, of port! The word, as you might imagine probably comes from French and originally Latin,  and meant something tasty or enjoyable to eat – or the aromas of it. The herb savory comes from a different source. It’s a type of mint and I used to grow it once, maybe I should again. The word comes from an Old English word, sæþerie which probably did come from Latin, but how it got into Latin is unknown.

In my old cookery book there are forty-one recipes under savoury, another six as ‘savouries’ and a whole section on supper dishes. One particular appealed – back on my chestnut theme – and I think I’m going to try to get some chestnuts, tinned or frozen or vacuum packed, if they’re in season (being preserved there is no season, but shops will think of them as Christmas food items!)

Chestnut savoury

  • 1 lb chestnuts, shelled, cooked, skinned, mashed
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 2 oz butter
  • 1 oz flour
  • ¼ tsp dried or chopped fresh herbs (if they are fresh i think I’d up the quantity)
  • ¼ tsp dry mustard
  • 2 oz grated cheese
  • 1 gill milk
  • cayenne pepper
  • salt
  1. add 1½ oz butter to a pan, melt and add the mashed chestnuts, herbs, and mustard
  2. mix well then add the flour and mix well again
  3. add the milk, stir in and bring to the boil
  4. season, add most of the cheese and the egg, stir well
  5. pour into an oven proof dish, sprinkle with the rest of the cheese and dot with the rest of the butter
  6. bake for ten minutes in a hot oven

A note says this is good hot or cold, but it doesn’t say how it should be eaten. Sliced up with something else? Eaten with crunchy bread or toast? Eaten on toast? Served with something the side? A sauce? Who knows… I will attempt to find chestnuts and make it, and then decide!

My featured image is of an unknown lady who I am sure would enjoy chestnut savoury!

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