More fishy tales

A couple of weeks ago I reported that having been given a fish tank by my children I acquired some fish. One has a red blob on his head, rather like a beret worn at a jaunty angle and because he looked so much like Dr Bunsen Honeydew’s assistant Beaker, that was what he was called. The other, dark and mysterious with  a black or is it purple or does it have flashes of gold colouring, is Prospero.

I was advised to get snails to help keep the sides of the tank clean so Boris and Bushfoot duly arrived. Beaker and Prospero aren’t the cleanest of creatures so I decided the two B’s needed help and a pair of zebra snails arrived. It seems their names are Zebulon and Zorro. When Zebulon were carefully discharged into the tank, out of their bag swum a small fish with a forked tail… a stowaway!

We returned to the fish shop and explained about the stowaway, it was suggested that he was a swarming fish and needed some companions – two would do, so we got two small brothers for Isaac as the stowaway was called. Sadly Isaac seems to have vanished… whether he was eaten, whether he got sucked into the water filter or whether he departed as mysteriously as he came we will never know.

This now left the swarming fish as just a pair and we had been told they would be happier with more of them… so now they have three more brothers – or maybe sisters it’s impossible to tell when they are so tiny, and two loaches – they were so comical and attractive we couldn’t resist them.

I think my fish family is complete.


  1. buyingseafood

    Is that a pic of your tank? What kind of substrate are you using? Looks nice. Just be careful about over stocking your tank, the one with a beret sounds like a goldfish and they get big. Do not listen to anyone that tells you the fish with grow to the size of the tank. Take aquarium sales staff advice with a grain of salt. In my experience most (but not all) have just enough knowledge to sell you more fish.

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    1. Lois

      Oh thank you – yes that’s the tank… I can’t remember what substrate it was now, it was the recommended one. It’s Maidenhead Aquatics, where i got them from. I have enough now, but I’ll watch the one with the beret… maybe I might one day need a bigger tank do you think?

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      1. buyingseafood

        If you have your fish for a long time you may need a bigger tank. You will know when its time, things will start looking crowded. For now as long as the water quality is good and the fish are not stressed things should be good. Fish tanks are fun but the small tanks just need a little more attention.

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