Think Pink

Think Pink was a children’s shop I made up in my story ‘Lucky Portbraddon’ which three very little girls, Ella, Bella and Cressie loved to be taken by their father who would buy them anything they pointed at.. I made up the shop but I could so easily imagine it, items of every shade of pink, just perfect for little girls. There maybe a shop which is just like that, I no longer have a little girl who would want to visit, my little girl is grown up and I haven’t seen her wearing pink recently!

I was thinking about pink because I was writing about the flowers which are called pink, otherwise known as dianthus which smell so wonderful. I got to thinking about the word ‘pink’ and wondering where t came from and whether the word for the colour has anything to do with the verb to pink, to make marks in something like leather, and from that pinking shears, scissors which cut giving a jagged line?

There are so many descriptions for pink too, and a lot of them are really well-known and not just from a paint chart – shocking pink, baby pink, piggy pink, and some you could imagine for example fairy tale pink. But other pinks – fandango pink? Brink pink? Paradise pink?

There are lots of pinks named after flowers as you might imagine which made me wonder if the word for the colour is named after dianthus or whether the flower is named because it is that colour? Other flowers which have pink attached to their name include orchid, cherry blossom, lavender, carnation, amaranth and rose. There are also countries which give their names to a particular shade – Congo, New York, China, Mexico, Spain, France and Persia; I don’t know what these shades are but Persian pink sounds wonderful.

Just about everyone knows Barbie and can imagine Barbie pink, but was there a particular queen who gave her name to the colour queen pink? I can’t imagine it was Queen Victoria, and as it’s a modern colour (only in terms of fashion) so who might the Queen have been? Was Mountbatten  named for any particular one of the family? And who was Mimi? I’m sure many people know of Baker-Miller, I didn’t until I was finding out about pink:

Baker-Miller Pink is a tone of pink claimed to reduce hostile, violent or aggressive behaviour… Alexander Schauss did extensive research into the effects of the colour on emotions at the Naval Correctional Facility in Seattle, and named it after the institute directors, Baker and Miller.

… pink champagne, Pink Floyd, Pink the singer (Alecia Moore) the Pink Panther, the Pink Ladies, Pink Cadillac, pink gin, pink lady, Steve Pink, Lily the pink, The Pink Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, pink lemonade, Pretty in Pink…

If you want to read what happened to the three little girls, Ella, Bella and Cressie, and what happened to cause their parents to split up, and other incidents in my book ‘Lucky Portbraddon’ – incic=dents such as blackmail, dodgy property deals, rival gangs on the streets of the little seaside town of Easthope – and love and loss and a descent into madness… oh and quite a lot of music –


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