Just the two of us in the pub… well, actually the landlord and two friends are at the bar, Terry is floating around, the poker school is down the other end and in the other bar there are probably other regulars, but tonight it’s just him and me, the family elsewhere.

However, the great thing about good pubs is that no matter how few of you there are you can always have a good time.

We talked about our lovely day out at Compton Verney seeing the Eric Ravilious exhibition; much as I really like Ravilious, Paul Nash is my favourite and there were paintings and wood cuts by him on show too. I knew already quite a lot about Paul Nash and his brother John, but I learned such a lot about Ravilious and the other artists in his circle.

We kept ourselves up to date with news of various friends, with a new restaurant our children have visited in town but we haven’t yet (it doesn’t really sound my type of food, but I’m willing to give it a go) and we talked about a lady who does floral displays and ornamental wreaths in the village, and reminisced about the Tims who used to come in the pub (Smokey Tim, Twin Tim, Merc-y Tim, policeman Tim, and our friend Tim) and tried to remember who was in the spoof team.

Then we amused ourselves when I used the word corollary –

  • the place where they dig for coal
  • where coral grows
  • where you keep horses
  • a coal carrying ship and also the type of ship Captain Cook sailed
  • something to do with flowers… and something to do with the sun
  • a place where you keep collars

As we walked home we decided that the barman Chris should receive an award for being the most smiley person we know!

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