Reading backwards

I’m working on my next book, editing it, and it seems to be taking forever. I had hoped it would be published by now but various things have impeded my progress. Never mind, I am soldiering on and working hard on getting rid of the typos, mistakes, errors, nonsensical phrases and silly ideas..

I don’t know if other writers do this when they are editing their work, but I am reading my story backwards. I don’t mean I’m starting at the last word and literally reading the sentence backwards… ‘emoh ruo, nwot ruo, staoc ruo fo weiv lufrednow  a… ‘ nor even ‘home our, town our, coast our of view wonderful a…’

What I mean is that I go to the last chapter, read and edit it, then to the penultimate chapter, read and edit it, and so on. I’ve mentioned this before, it’s a technique which I find really helpful for distancing myself from the words I’m so familiar with, and it’s especially good for spotting inconsistencies and mistakes particulalry in the order in which events occur. I also find that repetitions of the same words seem to stand out more when I’m going through it in this way. Reading it from the beginning will be the final check, or re-reading it (probably for the ninetieth time!) but by then the whole thing will be so familiar to me that I know that sometimes my eyes will glide blindly across the words.

I am only about a tenth of the way through, but as I get nearer the beginning there are less mistakes because these are the chapters I have read most frequently. Well, back to work… krow ot kcab, llew…

If you want to read my books here’s a link, and if you do spot any mistakes, I’ll be delighted if you let me know!

If you want to know why I chose this featured image, here’s the story – plenty of going backwards in it!

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