Quiz night.. aren’t we dunces!

So it was quiz night and for once, the gang of four, two ice-creams, two of us, no kids, no kids’ friends, just us. The pub quiz is a bingo quiz; the answer paper is a 5×5 grid and the questions are read out in random order, all general knowledge. The answer sheets have a carbonated copy which we hand in to check our marking, which we do with the top sheet. The answers are read out in numerical order – if you get five in a row, horizontal, diagonal, vertical, or four corners, you shout ‘Dolphin’ and you can win a prize. The bigger prize is given for the highest number of correct answers.

As well as our team mates, the ice-creams, there are other teams; Taz and his two friends who always sit at the bar, the am-drams who sit by the door, Tim & Co who sit behind the door along a bit from us – and then others through in the bar we call the cross benches (which actually are the independent people in parliament) and further along is ‘the other bar’.

The questions as usual were varied, every topic you could imagine and we had some brilliant correct answers… but also some totally duff answers. We didn’t win – Taz and Co had a success with the line (twice) and one round, Nigel who often has success with his team won the other. We didn’t even win the beer question (which gives a free dink to the winner next time) – how many official white Christmases were there in the twentieth century? (7)

We still had a great time, great company, great beer!

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