I try really hard not to… I’m still drawn into cookery shops and departments, but I really, really try hard not to. MY kitchen drawers are stuffed full of gadgets, I really don’t need any more, and I really try to resist buying whatever it is which some sort of cookery shop imp keeps whispering that I not only want, but I actually really do need.

I think the most recent thing I bought, and I’m proud to say it was over a year ago, was a spoon with a perforated lid; you pop herbs into the spoon, snap shut the lid and then stir your dish to give a fabulous and subtle herbiness. Does it work? I’ve no idea, I’ve never used it… maybe I should, maybe I should give it a chance before donating it to the charity shop.

I have  been through the drawers and the rack where we hang tools and I have got rid of loads of gadgets: melon baller, that went years ago, as did the cherry pitter, various tin openers and potato peelers which don’t work, strawberry hullers, an avocado slicer (which was a Christmas present, I didn’t buy it!) egg poaching pouch and the pasta machine. I did try and make pasta once but I seemed to need an extra hand – how do other people manage to hold and feed the dough between the rollers, turn the handle, and support the pasta coming out the other end?

Of all the simpletons, gadgets and utensils I have, I guess wooden spoons are most often used, and the mandolin (now I am very careful not to slice the tops of my fingers off) and the grater, the fat separator, my Pyrex jugs, my spatula… but the handiest and most adaptable tool of all is that item with a handle and three or four tines… a fork.

Forks are amazing – not just for eating but also

  • mashing
  • mixing
  • stirring,
  • crushing
  • separating
  • beating and whipping
  • decorating icing or mashed potato
  • pricking, spiking and poking
  • scoring

This is just an ordinary fork, there are nearly forty differ specialist forks I’ve found, from asparagus forks to terrapin forks – which are not for eating terrapins with.

Forks are great!

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