A different quiz

When my friend announced that she had organised a quiz to raise money for Alzheimer’s research, loving quizzes and always wanting to support such a good cause we decided to go along.

The museum was the venue for the quiz; it has an interesting history:

In 1861 a public museum was founded in Weston-super-Mare by founder, William Mable. William Mable, a shoemaker by trade, came to Weston-super-Mare from London in 1852.  Fascinated by the excavations then taking place on Worlebury he began to put together a collection of “specimens of natural history”. William’s aim was “to secure a museum for the town of Weston, free to the public at all reasonable times”.

It has recently been beautifully renovated and is a lovely place for visits and functions. So here we were, ready and eager for the quiz! We were a team of two, and unfortunately for a fund-raising point of view, there were only four teams.

There was a wonderful variety of rounds – a picture round which had twenty flowers to identify, another picture round of authors, books and portraits (we got 19/20 for that one!!) a music round of lines from well-known songs (no music available) dingbats… it really made our brains work!

We were only two, so it was no surprise we came last – not by very much! Well done the other teams, they were splendid and we had such an enjoyable time. The prize I had spotted in the raffle we actually won and we had a brilliant time.!

One of the rounds included making a hat… which we did… I am so proud of our hat, even though we only came second!!

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