My latest breakfast

I usually have a fried egg on half a piece of toast for breakfast, cooked in one of those pans which don’t need any fat. I sprinkle a little rock salt on, and a lot of grinds of my pepper mill which is full of spices as well as pepper, and that’s my start to the day.

A couple of years ago we went to the States to see my daughter who was working in New jersey, and every morning we went to the Morristown Pancake House and had the most fabulous breakfasts. Some of the items seemed strange to us, brought up on traditional English cooked breakfasts, but I loved all of it! The great revelation for me was having avocado with a cooked breakfast. Recently I have started to spread a little avocado on my half piece of toast – brilliant brekky now!

Last year for the family holiday we were near Ross-on-Wye and there was a great provisions shop which had all sort of interesting things for sale, including a selection of dried Welsh seaweed, gutweed, kelp, dulse and wrack which I use in salads and various other dishes. I was suddenly inspired to sprinkle some on my egg as it was cooking – a doubly brilliant brekky now!

Some time ago, maybe the year before last, I went to the BBC Good Food show in Birmingham with a friend; I had a wonderful time, and one of the gifts I brought to take home was some Cornish salt from the Cornish Sea Salt Co. – it was flavoured with mushroom and I bought it for my husband. A couple of months ago someone gave us some salt from the same company, lemon thyme flavour – and it’s super! It is especially super on my breakfast egg!

My best ever breakfast egg:

  • If you put butter, oil or other fat in the pan, add a little dried seaweed of your choice
  • Crack your egg into the pan, sprinkle with ground pepper and spices, flavoured Cornish sea salt of your choice, and more dried seaweed – either the same as in the pan or different
  • Cook how you like it and serve on toast spread with avocado… perfect!!!

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