Open the windows and let summer in

I really love it when the weather changes and even into the evening you can have windows open. The air might be slightly cool, but it’s a pleasant chill, a refreshing chill. Once summer is here I have the windows open all the time; it’s seemed this year that summer would never come – certainly we had hardly any spring, just a long dreary winter, with intermittent snow. The weather might not be perfect, but summer is here and the windows are open.

Many people welcome summer with seasonal meals; now are shops are full of every product all the year round it has become less special. I really wish I liked summer pudding, because it looks so nice, but I am just not a dessert person – although I enjoy making them! Here’s a couple of recipes from my 1920’s cookery book:

Summer pudding

  • 1½ lbs of black currants, topped – or any sharp tasting fruit such as damsons, raspberries, red or white currants
  • 4-6 oz sugar according to taste
  •   ½ a stale loaf, cut in thick slices
  • ½ pint custard or cream (or why not have both/!)
  1. stew the fruit and sugar gently in a little water
  2. line a pudding basin with the slices of bread, reserving a slice for the top
  3. spoon in the fruit, top with the spare slice cut to shape
  4. put a saucer or small plate on top and weight to press it, leave for 24 hours
  5. turn out onto a plate, pour over cream/custard or serve separately

Summer delight

  • ¼ lb raspberries, and ½ lb cherry plums
  • 3 dsp  sugar
  • 1 oz sponge cake, crumbled
  • custard made with 1 egg yolk, ¼ pint milk, a little sugar, vanilla
  • vanilla
  • angelica
  • whipped cream
  1. stalk, cook with 2 dsp sugar and stone plums and rub through a sieve
  2. mash raspberries and add to the plums with remaining sugar
  3. fold in cooled custard
  4. place in stemmed glasses, decorate with whipped cream, extra raspberries and thins slivers of angelica

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