Kingfishers, gratins, chairs and hips

Gosh, the crossword i was doing was tricky! In the end I had to give up with seven ansswers undone. Here are the clues – can you work them out?

  • genus of some kingfishers – (7)
  • with heads of leaves used for gratins and salads, a blue-flower plant related to daisy, dandelion and chamomile –  (7)
  • ____ Loom; design of chairs, tables, ottomans and linen baskets,constructed from twisted paper –  (5)
  • one of the three parts forming each of the hip bones in the pelvis –  (7)
  • wife of Hector who became a slave of Neoptolemus after the fall of Troy –  (10)
  • school of ancient Greek philosophy ascribed to Antisthenes – a student and friend of Socrates – (8)
  • Pink Elephants __ ______ ; song/scene from the 1941 Disney film Dumbo (2, 6)
  • Pen name of Hablot Knight Browne, illustrator of many novels by ‘Boz’ – (4)

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