So you want to write a bit more…

I mentioned yesterday that I have two more ideas in the pipeline (this pipeline is getting a bit full I must say!! There is somewhat of a blockage with my next novel at the moment but as soon as it’s released a whole lot more other things will flow out!) Yesterday I shared that having had such a positive response to my little writing guide, So You Want To Write…’ I am looking to publish a couple of others in the same series ‘So You Want to Write Your Family Story’ and ‘So You Want to Write Stories’ – the titles are pretty self-explanatory…

Yesterday I was talking about this to my writing friend and she suggested another title ‘So You Want To Write a Blog…’ What a great idea! I have to say I know very little about the technical side of blogging, however I have been doing it for six years, I have a lovely number of followers (thanks everyone! I do appreciate you!) I blog about a variety of subjects, and altogether I have posted a good many pieces, this is number 7036!

I started this blog with a purpose – to try and publicise my books, and to share my thoughts on writing. Yes, I do this, but it would be very boring if that was all I wrote about, so I write about lots of other things, books I’m reading as well as writing, things I’ve heard on the news, food/cooking/recipes/cookery books old and new, family history, music… and so much more! I’ve gained so much, perhaps most of all people who are in contact with me.

So if I were writing a blogging guide it would not include how to set on up, how to share photos, all the techie stuff… I can barely manage that, it would be about the writing and sharing, and different ideas. I can suggest different ways of writing a blog, different ideas, different topics and why it is so rewarding and such fun.  My target audience would be those people are maybe not very experienced in using their computers apart from e-mail, Facebook and Google!

My thoughts are very nebulous at the moment… I’ll keep you up to date with them as they become more tangible! … through my blog of course!

Here is a link to my books blogging does feature in one of them, ‘Beyond Hope’, and will also be in my next novel which I hope will be with you soon!

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