A bunch of noisy youngsters

The neighbours have got a big family – I’m not sure how many there are, and some of the kerfuffle I can hear might be mates come over to hang out, or rival gangs coming along for a bit of a ruckus… On the whole it’s all very cheerful, lots of noise and carrying on, but really it’s just high spirits and over excitement. Occasionally the parents wade in and settle an argument, then its pretty much sneers on one side and complaints on the other – you can just imagine it, “it’s not fair, it wasn’t me, he started it, she called me names, it’s not fair!Mu-u-u-ummmm!!”” Yah boo you suck, I’m right you’re wrong, mum told you off, hahaha!”

I noticed there’s another big family just down the road; they do a lot of strutting about, showing off and generally being silly. There’s a lot of ridiculous and sometimes dangerous behaviour and sometimes the parents just get so fed up with the stupidity they head off to spend time with their friends, maybe down on the beach, up on the hill, anywhere to get away form all the squabbling. I guess they’ve forgotten they were young once.

We’re just amused by it all! There was one of the youngsters the other day, up on the neighbour’s chimney; a brother came along, knocked him off and then looked down as if to say, ‘what’s the matter with you?’  Later on it might have been the same one, sitting on the fence and this time he was on the end of what was frankly bullying. I didn’t do anything – up to the parents, I thought! Yesterday lunchtime as I was sitting in the garden there was a massive family row! Various of them were going off in a strop, others were charging in having their two pennyworth,there was a terrific racket and I can tell you, feathers were flying! I think another set of parents intervened but then there was a bit of a to do between the adults. Eventually it all calmed down,

These noisy neighbours of ours are jackdaws! There’s a big family that flap about in the garden and sit on roofs yelling and shouting and seeming to laugh at each other. Then there’s another family, or maybe two who seem to congregate on our friend Shirley’s lawn and roof; they have no road sense at all and we drive really slowly when we see them as they are just idiots!. This boisterousness doesn’t last long – the parents will soon send them packing and maybe start another brood.

I love these intelligent characterful birds!


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