Another busy day

It’s so warm we’re all sleeping really deeply… also because I thought yesterday was Saturday and so woke up thinking today was Sunday I was in a complete muddle. Never mind, had a cup of tea, got up, got showered and ready, got my bag,  and went to my Irish class. Luckily this is in the hall literally just around the corner, not even five minutes away, not even three minutes away.

First things first, after hugs for all, kettle on and tea and coffee and biscuits while we set up tables and arranged chairs. Our wonderful teacher, Christie was with us, all the way from Essex, so we caught up with his news, as well as each other’s. He’s not the only one to travel to the class, although he is by far the furthest away; a couple of friends come from Weston, another from Bristol, a lady from Cardiff, and another lady all the way from Weymouth in Dorset. Usually we have three people from Bath, but they couldn’t be with us today, and a few more Westoners were also otherwise engaged.

The class started and we each gave our news in Gaelic, varying degrees of fluency. I had written out my story – in very simple sentences, aiming to get it right rather than try to be too clever. On the whole I was ok… and I think Christie was pleased. He then gave news of an Irish day in Leicester, and a weekend course in Northampton. Then we did some work on  reading and pronunciation and after another cup of tea or coffee, a few more biscuits we split into two groups to work separately. It was great to see everyone again – we will get together next time in September.

After a quick lunch I went to visit my sister at her care home, and we watched a rather complicated episode of Midsomer Murders – an old one with John Nettles as Barnaby. Daughter came home from work and we popped to the shops for a few things… bananas, salmon, sardines, wrapping paper… Then home and I made a ham risotto for dinner, which was a little salty but not too bad.

After dinner and I came up here to work, but I confess, I haven’t done very much… I’m getting to grips with my next ‘So You Want To Write’ book, about writing your family history. Very early days, it will be a couple of months before it’s ready!

If you might be interested in learning , improving, or keeping up Gaelic, here is a link to Coláiste na nGael – for people in Britain interested in learning Irish or in meeting people who speak Irish. Coláiste na nGael is part of a very lively Irish language scene in Britain and Europe. Coláiste na nGael and its allies run Irish language events, which include classes, all over Britain


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