Not in love…

This is a song which takes me right back to a particular time… not because it meant a specific thing to me then, but it did to a friend, and I must have heard it dozens of times as he played it over and over, and thought about the girl of his dreams… I love this song because – well, it is just such a great song!

I’ve never seen 10cc live, but maybe one day… in the meantime, isn’t this a great performance from a gig in Swansea in 2011?!


Today is a very special day – today I published my twelfth e-book, ‘Earthquake’ my fifth Radwinter mystery! I asked Raul Malo if he would mind celebrating it for me…  So, here he is, with  Jamison Sevits, Aaron Till, Jay Weaver and John McTigue…

… and here is a link to my book:

Open the windows!!!

There is that magic day when not only is the sun bright and the sky clear, but the air has changed… it’s nothing you can properly describe, only feel! There is a similar change in the autumn when there is a sharpness, a crispness which heralds the change of seasons, and then the windows are closed… But today I opened the windows! As I sit here, there is no breeze or breath of air, but the atmosphere is just different, as if I can sense the sun and sky!

So, how about this: