Family stories

All families have stories to tell, stories to share… I hope to tell and share some of my family’s stories, perhaps saving them for future generations. I will write about the Elsdens from Cambridge, the Matthews from Littlehampton, the Colgates from Surrey and the Sparshotts from Hampshire. I will write about the Moses family, some of whom changed their name to Walford, about the Allens who worked on the railways in the 19th and 20th centuries, and the Sellers family from London, the Johnsons from Cambridgeshire…

But I will tell other stories too, stories of people not related to me even by marriage, stories like that of Sergeant Alfred Prop and John Coker a discharged soldier in a 19th century lunatic asylum. Some of these people had no descendants, no-one to remember them and their lives.

12 thoughts on “Family stories

  1. You’re right, every family has stories. I’m not telling family stories (or not yet), but like you I’m attracted to chance-found stories of other people’s lives. Now that you follow my blog (and thank you), go back to 19 Jan 2012 and my discovery of a man named John Croft, and then, in the 24 Jan post, my search with a friend to find his very modest marker in Toronto’s Mount Pleasant Cemetery.


  2. Hi there, I have been reading your blog with interest – especially regarding the Matthews family. I have been researching my Matthews family since 2006 and have found them so far back in the 1800’s around various villages and towns in Norfolk (Dereham, Downham Market..) and my grandfather was born very close to Aylesbury and some of us are now in Oxford (my great great grandfather having moved for while working on the railways). I don’t know of any links to Littleworth but its not a million miles away! I am wondering if there are any links. Some of your photos bear resemblances to my lot. I have a tree on Tribal Pages – if you are interested, please get in touch x


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