A little music for the night

Just listening to my favourite on-line radio station, Radio Paradise which has introduced me to so many good sounds, and this was what was playing:

The sensational guitarist is Biel Ballester  from Mallorca. I didn’t know this but apparently he plays Gypsy Jazz music and featured in the film Vicky Cristina Barcelona. The song I have shared, When I Was a Boy was in it. Leo Hipaucha on rhythm guitar  and Oriol González on double bass make up the Biel Ballester Trio.


Here is where you can find the amazing Radio Paradise:


Sounds familiar…

Sometimes you catch a song and you don’t know that you’ve heard it before but it just sounds so familiar… and I don’t mean that it is a pastiche of something else or that is derivative…but maybe it is something you’ve heard without properly listening to it and now there is that click or recognition.

I was listening the fabulous Radio Paradise and a number came up and I was almost humming along to it and yet I had never consciously heard it before. It was the Fleet Foxes originally from Seattle – which is the only place in the USA I have ever been to… but that’s another story…  The band members met at school and began to get recognition from about 2007. Their first album the eponymous Fleet Foxes was initially more popular in Europe; their second album was Helplessness Blues.

Here is ‘White Winter Hymnal’ from their first album: