Jordan’s Mill

Recently we went to visit Jordan’s Mill; I no longer eat breakfast cereal, but when I did Jordan’s was my favourite, especially the crunchy varieties. I didn’t know when I was buying whether it was just a commercial name, or whether there was an actual Jordan’s mill… and yes there is, on the lovely River Ivel.

Apparently there has been a mill on the site since Domesday and before, however, when the Jordan family, millers from Devon,   bought it in the late 1890’s it was called Holme Mill. Over the years it has changed from just milling flour with millstones, to more modern technology when the Jordans took it over and as a result of a dreadful fire. It wasn’t just the machinery which changed from millstones to rollers, the products changed too as ever-innovate, the family  began to make granola which they first came across in a visit to the USA.


Now if you visit the mill, as we did, you will find the old building is no longer in use as a mill but it is very interesting to look round; there is a shop and restaurant, and what surprised us the most (as we hadn’t done our research and only seen it on the map) was a lovely and most beautiful garden, an absolute delight… I’ll write more about the garden another time, but if you are in the Bedfordshire area the whole place is well worth a visit… and you could treat yourself to lunch!





What a surprise!

Going away for a few days with friends, we knew we’d have a lovely time, good company and shared interests and an interesting and characterful cottage to stay in… but we were a little dubious about the location… Bedfordshire. Bedfordshire is next to Cambridgeshire, my home county and as children we’d been to various places, and passed through more in our neighbouring county. My mum had lived there as a child and had fond memories of a rural idyll but that was back in the 1920’s and thirties.

We arrived in the dark, but what a surprise when we went out for a walk the next day! good gracious, what an absolutely beautiful county! What a gem! We were constantly exclaiming over the beautiful countryside, the charming villages, and when we went to Biggleswade with such an unprepossessing name we discovered a truly charming and very friendly town.

BEDFORDSHIRE OCTOBER 2015 (261)Looking across at the Mansion House, on the Old Warden Estate

It is quite a small county, the 41st smallest out of 48 English counties, and also with the 36th smallest population. It’s county town is Bedford, which was originally a Danish settlement, but there are of course, many other towns – as well as Biggleswade, there is Luton, Sandy, Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard, and obviously many more! Originally known for being a wool town, there are many industries there, including a corrugated cardboard factory that we passed on one of our lovely country walks!

If anyone suggests you go to Bedfordshire for a visit or a holiday do so!We are looking forward to going back and exploring some more!

BEDFORDSHIRE OCTOBER 2015 (382)A lovely riverside walk, beside the Ivel… we almost saw an otter… I just caught site of his tail!
…the otter’s tail.. but that’s another story!