Lagom, apparently, it’s the latest thing

Just as there are trends in fashion, and food, and sporting and keeping fit activities, so there seems trends in life-style; it seemed to be mindfulness, and hygge, and now it’s lagom… which means just the right amount. It seems appealing, especially as I look round and see the amount of clutter and stuff there is… last year I attempted to throw away/recycle/give one item per day – sometimes there was more than one, particularly when I went through bookshelves, CD collections, clothes cupboards. At first I kept a record, but by about summer time forgetfulness interfered, and although I did get rid of I am sure, more than 366 items, I didn’t in fact write down all.

Lagom sounds appealing, and practical, and I’m sure relaxing – less stuff, less stress! So the outline:

  • balance
  • appropriate not perfect
  • simple, fair, less complicated/more contented

Sounds good… but how practical is it? I was writing about spring cleaning the other day, well maybe if I looked at it from a ‘lagom’ point of view I might feel more inspired! If it was spring cleaning not just to clean everything, but to sort and balance things too – which is what I was trying to do last year with my throwing/giving/recycling!

The idea is:

  • sustainability – yes! 100% for that!
  • waste reduction! 100% for that too – and waist reduction ditto!
  • economy – yes! Everyone wants to save money!
  • less stress – of course (not that I am very stressed, actually)
  • more freedom – I guess I am pretty free now, except for the oppressive stuff I still have, so freedom from stuff – yes!
  • balance of food/sleep/exercise – maybe this does need some adjustment, too much of some and not enough of others!
  • “improved wellbeing” well-being is a fashionable thing which seems to mean various things, but to have an overall feeling of calm satisfaction and happiness, yes!

Have a look at this infographic, which “explains what exactly a Lagom lifestyle means and what you have to do in order to be able to live it… the ultimate guide on how to live the Lagom life”:


Spring cleaning… do I have to?

As it’s the vernal equinox, and I guess the first day of spring, and as I seem to have neglected housework in favour of writing maybe I should properly think about doing a traditional spring clean. The inner child in me whines ‘do I have to?’… and yes maybe I do, because our house really is lacking a bit of love and attention. I actually don’t remember my mum having a session of spring cleaning, she just did the housework as far as I recall, but maybe she did and just didn’t make a fuss of it!

Consulting Ruth Drew’s ‘The Happy Housewife’, I find pages and pages of helpful hints and instructions… ‘with spring cleaning on the map, it is necessary to sit down with a pencil and make a proper plan of campaign. it pays hand over fist, especially if you have other things to do beside housework…‘ Well, yes, I do have other things to do!

Luckily one of the first things Ruth suggests is that you ‘don’t try to do too much in a rush,’ and suggests its spread over several weeks – would several months be ok, Ruth?

She mentions chimney sweeps and clutter, comfortable shoes and handcream and of course, a dust-preserving handkerchief tied round the head! … and then has paragraphs on specific areas of spring clean need:

  • cupboards, selves and drawers
  • paintwork, carpets and rugs, upholstery and floors
  • turning out rooms, cornices, alabaster, glass, plastic, parchment, silk, rayon, nylon, paper buckram
  • general points including lampshades and lamps
  • curtains – brocades and damasks, chintz – both permanently and non-permanently glazed, cottons, Holland blinds, muslin and lace, net, rayon, terylene, velvet, washable velveteens and chenilles and similar