I’m back on the Wii

Several years ago, probably about four I decided I had to get fitter and hoped that by doing so I would also lose some weight, especially if I tried to diet at the same time! I used to be very sporty, as a child I cycled everywhere including 4 miles to school and back every day, and I was also a club swimmer, training every day and swimming between 30-40 miles every week. There was also the other training, weights and circuits for swimming, plus sport at school, hockey and netball in the winter, rounders and tennis in the summer; plus a couple of years where I spent all the summer and much other time canoeing on the river. So as a child, well, young woman, I was pretty fit. Going away to do my degree was the end of my sporting activities; I was a ta Poly and I don’t think there were any sports clubs… maybe there were, but certainly not the number of different activities available now to students. I still walked a lot… but I also did a lot of other things which weren’t exactly healthy, on a limited budget and with a lot of studying to do, late nights, and evenings in the pub… well, you get the picture.

As an adult I didn’t do that much exercise, I played squash for a couple of years but I was hopeless and there is only a certain amount of being soundly beaten that I could take! I did Tai Chi for a couple of years and loved it and benefited from it… I took up rowing, but much as I wanted to be good at it, I was hopeless!

So when a couple of years ago I wanted to improve my fitness I couldn’t think of what I could do; strangely, after living my young life in a swimming pool, swimming now bored me. I am no good at racquet sports, no good at running, too old for judo or karate or such, I don’t like aerobics, I know I wouldn’t stick at going to a gym…. I’d bought the children a Wii for Christmas and had a few goes on it… and then began to take it seriously.

I went on the Wii every day for about two years, worked really hard and lost nearly 3 stone… and was much fitter! Then various other things happened and I lost the routine… and the weight crept back on… not that much, only about 10 pounds, but I feel less fit, and I want to lose that weight again, and a bit more!

So… I am back on the Wii, and even after a week I feel the difference! I’m not aiming to lose weight quickly, just steadily, and if it is only a pound or two a fortnight, then that will be fine!