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It was just over eight months ago that some writing friends and I got together to try and promote our work, and to share the work of others too. We knew people in writing groups who for various reasons did not have their own blog but wanted to put their writing out in public view. We called ourselves The Moving Dragon Writes, and we started a WordPress blog as a sort of writers’ community blog. It’s called Somerset Writers, because that’s where we are, but it is a notional rather than actual  name, there are no county borders in our group!

Earlier today, I published  a piece about using social media to share and promote and publicise.. This is what I wrote:

One of the driving desires of a writer, as with any artist,  is to get work before an audience, to share what we have produced, to have people read what we have written. I guess we are fortunate these days in living in a world where we can show strangers our stories and poems and other writing and get feedback and comment – and often appreciation!

Social media gives us a wonderful stage on which to parade our characters and scenes. Yes, there can be a dark side to it – but odd things can happen anywhere in real life too – when you sit next to a person on the bus, or get into conversation with someone you don’t know very well in a pub or café, or encounter strange and sometimes downright weird folk in other situations.  We usually can deal with that as part of life, and have strategies and know how to find help – so it is with social media. Yes, there are stories in the press about unfortunate things which have happened from on-line encounters, but there are far more wonderful stories of friendships made, opportunities explored – and for writers and musicians – audiences reached!

We Moving Dragons share our work, and those of friends here on our blog – (and if you have a short story, article, poem, or anything which fits our eclectic group, then please get in touch!) and we also promote it through our Facebook page:

and we tweet too –

… and here is a link to our WordPress:

Adjacent tweets


I don’t think I use Twitter to the full, but I do post my blogs and share other stories, and do read through others thoughts and messages for time to time.

Occasionally there is such a funny juxtaposition of tweets that I have to chuckle…


… going where no search engine has gone before…

…. past hoizons…

… stripped in the kitchen Rihanna bares her bottom for Esquire’s Food and Drink…

… basic principles of forensic science to whet your appetite…


Tweet tweet!

knightshayes 2013 spring (13)

I’m very excited… silly, I know, but I now have 100 followers on Twitter! I’ve not quite got to grips with using it properly, I don’t tweet regularly enough or properly tweet back to others… to be honest I haven’t quite got the hang of it!! I really will try to join in the Twitter community more, really will try to get a handle on how to use it and what fun can be had and what interesting people you can meet! In the meantime, I’m very pleased!