Yet more reasons for writing

I’ve been sharing a selection of answers to a question posed… ‘Why do you write?’ The answers to this simple question ranged from ‘to complete my homework task‘, through ‘it’s therapy for me‘, and ‘because there aren’t enough people of my background/ethnicity/gender/religion etc writing‘ to ‘because I want to find out what sort of person/writer I am.’

I think it’s wonderful and amazing that there are so many different reasons people write, and so many different ways in which it is helpful, therapeutic, creative, fulfilling, exciting, addictive, restorative etc…

Here is a section of answers (which I have slightly edited to preserve anonymity)

  • I need to figure out what kind of story to write
  • to find out what I think
  • I write to learn what I have to say – what I know and what I don’t know
  • I write to voice the things I can’t articulate.
  • to tell stories I want to read
  • I write books I want to read, books I wish existed but can’t find.
  • so the page can hold all my soul’s whispers and secrets
  • actually, because no one else knows my stories like I do
  • … prosaically  because it makes me happy. Because it makes me feel more like myself. Because it feels good to create.
  • Because murder is illegal.  Writing lets me express myself and vent without consequences

I guess these answers were, like mine, instant, off-the-top-of-your-head sort of answers that we write on social media, and yet they are really interesting.

I very much like, and agree with  the idea that writing is a form of exploration, and of giving a platform to one’s thoughts and feelings in a way that other ‘art’ forms don’t to the same degree. I’m not sure every writer would agree with the ‘to tell stories I want to read’ and to ‘write books I want to read‘, sentiments – but I do, I really do! If I don’t really enjoy my own books (without being uncritical and self-indulgent) then I can’t expect others to,can I? And isn’t the ‘it makes me happy… it feels good...’ answer wonderful? And the last one… don’t you just love the last one – ‘because murder is illegal…’ !!!

Reasons for writing

I mentioned recently that I saw a social media page with the question ‘Why do you write?’; it’s a really interesting question, and for me there are many answers but I was fascinated to see what others commented. As you might guess, plenty of people did it because they enjoyed it, loved it, were obsessed by it even; however, there were other answers too… I guess I am a bit nerdy because I picked a random selection of about ninety answers and had a look at them more closely. I grouped them together as they seemed to fall very neatly into different types of answer.

Here is another selection which have a lot in common with each other:

  • To soothe my soul… And give myself a reason to stare into oblivion
  • I write to clear my head, otherwise I obsess over it all day
  • Because the silent battles need to be seen
  • If something makes me sad in real life, then I write down the same situation in my books. Sometimes it helps- it’s like a therapy
  • My characters always give me the feeling that I’m not alone with my sadness (even if I have to kill some of them later)
  • “If you are brave enough to write about your pain you can begin to heal and enrich your reader’s world”
  • Because writing is my art therapy
  • I write because it’s the best way that I can express how I feel. It’s like therapy. I write because I have to; it’s a part of me
  • I write because the page doesn’t judge what I have to say
  • Writing is the triumph of hope over self-doubt

I felt great empathy for the people who expressed these thoughts; however, it was good to see that writing is helpful to them, and maybe assists them in their progression out of whatever their troubles or heartaches are.

My reasons for writing – well, I love writing, using words, creating things through language, I have stories in my head which I like to write down to fix them and form them into something complete, I am intrigued by characters and observed interaction between strangers and fill in their history and back story – and map out their futures… I am a little obsessed by writing, I have to confess it’s something I love and feel almost compelled to do whenever I can…

… and if you want to read what I have written, here is a link to my ebooks and paperbacks


Why write? 1

I came across a page on Facebook – I can’t even remember what it was now, but a question was posed, something along the lines of ‘why do you write?’ There were some amazing answers, some really interesting, some really basic ‘because I want to/because I have to/ it’s what I do/it’s who I am’ – basic but absolutely fundamental. I tried to put the answers into groups because there were other reasons, other than the compulsion that I and lots of others seem to have! For example, writing as therapy, writing for a political or social or religious purpose… there was one who seemed to be doing it just to emulate J.K. Rowling, who, they said she ‘seems to have a pretty sweet deal ‘.

Here is a group I put together of people who just ‘have to’:

  • Because words are the core of who I am. I can’t get enough of them– reading, speaking, writing. My world is wrapped in words
  • I love creating worlds and characters and that I can bring them to life just through words alone
  • I write because I have the ability and freedom too. Also, there’s just too much going on in my head that’s just screaming to get out
  • because everyone has story to tell
  • because these words would feel trapped in my brain. They have to be released into the universe
  • Because I have to
  • To quote Bea from the film ‘Bare Bea’: “Because I would explode if I didn’t”
  • Because the voices in my head need out! 😜
  • Because I have to… I have to tell the stories of the people in my head… Does that make me sound bonkers?
  • Used to think that was crazy talk. Then had a breakthrough. I just showed up and watched the characters. Writing got sooo much better
  • Because I want to invite other people to explore the worlds inside my head. And because the people in those worlds want to be heard
  • As I always say, the characters are in control, I just take dictation
  • Because I need to.. also because I like seeing readers react
  • Because it’s fun

‘Bare Bea’ is a Norwegian film, ‘Only Bea’ with a very dubious moral message…

I was surprised, but maybe I shouldn’t be, that so many of the answers were so similar… I will share more later!!